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Posted on: 2018-05-11

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Granny ass fucked by a big black cock. I feigned a struggle and began to buck my hips, trying act like I wanted to escape. But all too soon I felt the weight of my son's muscular body on my legs.

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As it was time for bed, the three of us got into bed.

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I paused and lifted my legs so he could remove them over my black high heel shoes before laying big titt on my back now only wearing my pink suspender belt, black stockings and heels.

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Gita's parents visited and from the doorway I could see I was big titt latin granny as there was a bed set up in there plus a small table and a few other small items of furniture, big titt latin granny. Gita was tied naked, blindfolded and spread eagled to it.

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Tom leaned back and started to moan. I started rubbing my clit as I sucked and jerked. The more I rubbed myself the more I wanted to taste him, feel his orgasm.

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And I will enjoy your mouth on my cunt lips and enjoy feeling your tongue licking and sliding into me.

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So I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth and sucked. He moaned like a constipated pig and shot a whole lot of kari in my mouth. I swallowed it with my body shivering with sex feelings.

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I scooped up her clothes and followed her to her bedroom. She opened the door and walked to the bed and turned on the light. It provided the room with a nice soft glow.

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Once the tub was full, she found the soap and wash cloth and began getting the oil off of me. She rubbed me all over and I then took over and did. Once that was finished, we turned on the jets and sat back and relaxed.

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I asked her if she was ok, as my mom seemed a bit. She smiled and said yes, latin granny, adding at least she had me around to keep her company.

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My face has to look incredibly stupid.

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They both looked at each other and laughed. People, mostly men with a couple of couples, filed by us, not making eye contact, but passing close they all looked at us like we should be.