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Big mom mistake

Posted on: 2018-04-08

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However, some things are not so. I realized I was lying down, legs spread and feet up in the air, with fingers up my ass. I realized she had intended this all along to work me towards this moment. I felt vulnerable and exposed and shocked, and her lascivious face was too close to.

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I used my tongue on her, running it across her outer lips, teasing her, licking around her entrance but avoiding it and her clitoris, letting the anticipation build.

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Finally it arrived and she couldn't see him that morning.

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I was already coming, but hearing her talk that way made me fuck her mouth even harder.

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With the other hand she struck a match and held it against my bruised balls. My body wiggled as the match burned my testicles. She dangled the match towards and away me repeatedly.

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Kristi's flabby belly. Kristi could enjoy pain and pleasure.

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As I slid the glass to him my robe gapped open and I did not bother to close it, big mom mistake. He stared at my huge tits and I smiled.

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Racheal started to be all over each other and they were kissing and all. And I had an evil grin on my face. So, they both went into my bathroom to change their clothes since the weather was hot that day.

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She did so and then started to slowly wank me. I big mom mistake them and rolled them around between my fingers. I moved a hand down to her clit and she squirmed as I touched it.

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I think if all men were truly honest with themselves they did.