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Two hot athlete friends

Posted on: 2018-03-06

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Viewers may be surprised to know that the two basketball players who went head -to-head against each other all season long are actually best friends. She screamed through the Internet. Batte has been getting. I don't even know you and there is no way I am going to have sex with you.

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I had two hot athlete friends my perfect alpha male, with just enough strength and arrogance, rounded off with supreme sexual confidence. Now if you want this cock inside you, remove your skirt and top and let me fuck you like the dirty slut you are, two hot athlete friends.

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I moved both hands down to her bare legs and rubbed up her legs under her skirt.

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I rose up and her head shook and her eyes opened. I pressed my hips down and my cock pierced her body, slicing down through her pussy till I was firmly rooted in her body.

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I knew what was to cum. I couldn't wait to get home and relax with a few beers and order in a pizza. Sonia was tidying up when I asked "what's you plans for the last of the evening.

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After that it was all a daze to me.

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I'll ever set foot in my room again after what that little shit did. At least he can't see me.

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I have heard the way you make mom moan in the bed.

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I adjusted my panty slightly and tugged on my stockings, making minute changes as if they would provide better cover for me. I finished by pulling up the cups of my bra to cover my nipples. I knew inside that the sheer fabric of my bra and panties would hide little and I would appear to be totally a woman.

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I parted my knees and looked. A white glob dropped down into the water.

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My eyes had grown accustomed to the dark by this time. About that time I heard voices in the hallway.

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Ashley's twos hot athlete friends and pushed her back against the opposite wall. Ashley looked deeply into her glassy eyes as she felt a slender hand press against the crotch of her shorts.

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Politely we swapped room numbers and left the newly engaged to grope each other in the elevator cab. Once in the room I had to take a shower to wash off the long grim of travel. This time she was quick to strip and start the water for me.

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I suppose I could turn this to my advantage. Cindy, you're just nervous because you are still not experienced. That is understandable and I can help.

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This silence was long and thoughtful, not something me and my buddies were particularly skilled at or accustomed to experiencing.