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Posted on: 2017-12-01

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Do you smile or get horny now as you go passed it? Mark heard it and gave me a knowing grin. About that time we heard the door from the house open and we both looked up to see my beautiful wife standing there, just as naked as we. She had a look of surprise mixed with lust on her face.

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Probably a good thing, because there was more shocking action to come. Janis wasted no time leaning forward and taking a nipple in her mouth, sucking for a moment, she went to the other and sucked on it as. Hazel replied her nipples were so sensitive she could climax just by rubbing.

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Soon I stopped but she still held on to my cock.

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She stood up and started towards the door to her own room.

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Mom asked, grasping her other tit with her other hand and massaging them both while she watched me. She is trying to seduce me, I told. I popped to my feet, cock peeking out of the robe.

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M and I talked by phone every night. Sunday with her daughter watching.

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Following his command, I began moving my ass up and down, fucking myself on his cock. I was so wet that his dick moved in and out of me easily as I rocked back and forth, riding it. Oh yeah baby, your pussy feels so good.

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There was the love of my life laying completely naked on the deck of my boat with guys on the water in front of us and a possible voyeur in the trees behind us.

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It was semi from him washing it and was like a baby arm he was a fucking tripod for sure. By nothing else back at the cell I asked about him fucking his wife he said she was a like a porn star who couldn't mature leggy lady gets outdoors throat.

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Mom heard it. Mom would have to sit me down for 'a talk'.

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She picked up the scissors and proceeded to cut my pubic hair as short as she could before she moistened my crotch with a wet hand cloth before applying the shaving cream, and then taking up the razor, and proceeded to shave my crotch completely. When she finished shaving me she washed and wiped my crotch, then ran her hand over my vulva. When she was satisfied that she had not missed a hair she applied a lotion that was a skin moisturizer to my pussy, but she didn't just do that, she started masturbating me.

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Made it's way to her moist hole, I pushed my tongue inside her and wiggled mature leggy lady gets outdoors, she tasted amazing, I moved my tongue to her clit and placed two fingers inside her and worked them both in harmony. Her pussy was not tight and two fingers didn't feel mature leggy lady gets outdoors so added a third and in my mind I remembered her saying not to put four fingers in. The problem is that her pussy wanted more inside her, it's begging for a huge dildo, cock or a hand.