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Posted on: 2017-12-03

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With a full report making sure she was in top running order, I tried to keep things at an innocent level. Amy on the table fully clothed when I was checking her heart rate.

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Linda laid there twitching and trembling as the waves swept over her body from the pleasure. Sire's cock would squirt a hot jet into her skewered cunt, her hips would undulate in a circle and she would moan out some love words.

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My cock went limp then and I followed. I went to my room and showered.

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He held my head firmly with his left hand and his other hand grasped the base of his throbbing penis. He started jacking it up and down and he looked down at me.

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I was a quivering bloody mess crying like a big baby as I thanked her for my punishment, mature hiddem cams. She ordered me to remove her boots off her feet, with my mouth. Then I was to put them away into a corner where she had a mature cam of black high-heeled sandals.

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Nan laying her still warm friend out, in a peaceful posture, on her pillow and blanket, a single rose in her hands, we each said our goodbyes, then we began back filling, shovel after shovel filling and slowly hiding her body just as she had asked. Then came the turf and finally we rolled the grass using the little tractor mower that she so loved driving.

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Encouraged, I spent some time kissing, fondling, sucking and licking her tits and she responded by moaning and trembling as she sat in my kitchen.

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And of course beer pee is my favorite, so I was enjoying the hell out of it. For probably about a half hour we played in his back yard, me sucking his pits and nipples, him sucking my dick and me sucking his a little. He obviously liked sucking dick better than myself and had done it before, he had a great mouth.

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Lorna was riding him, his dick was still up her arse and he was milking her tits hard. Dad, I wanna see right up.