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Posted on: 2018-02-26

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Before pantyhose, buying nylons in a box -- older boomer gals knew this drill. It was and is a feeling like. I think he could have made me cum without even touching my cock if he would have continued.

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Dirk's cock on me. But she loves my pussy with extra taste.

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Eric ramming his cock in to her wet pussy. Zilpha came to an earth pounding orgasm. Zilpha suppressed a scream.

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I never found out how his night went, never saw. He is the only guy I slept with that I never got a name, and one of my many lessons that alcohol and men never mix.

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He paused smiled, then he set both egg and vibe going, the egg buzzing hard and irritatingly, the vibe slow with deeply penetrating pulses throbbing deep into her womb.

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Just lying there waiting.

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Covering the cock with the towel I continued to mature pantyhose until all the cum was out of my cock shaft. Opening the towel I could see the yellowish, whitish fluid, bzw mature pantyhose, a nice load I said to myself, and finished wiping my cock. I took a long breath, then went to bed, nude as always, bzw mature pantyhose.

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Jackie wasn't on board at first, but she didn't leave. Jennifer both removed their bikinis. Jennifer looked a lot better in a bikini than I even had thought and I had made sure I told her so earlier.

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I watched her leave and followed a couple of minutes later.

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Maybe I deserve to be punished.

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I hear from behind me.

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Marti told me afterwards that there was some silliness going on, but no serious opportunities for anything overtly sexual. She flirted with the guide a little, but there was no opportunity to do more and she was sore from the night. It was dark already and we all needed to get dinner.