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Spanking lick my pussy

Posted on: 2017-12-20

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I'd rather you lick my pussy. I find her outside her apartment and she is wearing a long dress and coat as we get ready to head. She removes her coat and gets into the front seat beside me. I reach over to where she is sitting and run my hand up her leg and my fingers move under her dress.

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He gripped my cock tightly and slowly stroked me until I couldn't help.

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Get it back hard, and if you are still willing and ready, still sure, I will take your virginity. But I also find myself feeling emotionally connected with you.

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Now, there was something so familiar about kissing him, but at the spanking lick my pussy time it was beyond anything she could have imagined. David kissed her as if he were spanking lick my pussy to drink and inhale her all at the same time, while the mere touch of his cockhead against her body was enough to turn her knees to rubber. His large hands moved along her neck and down the length of her back, exploring the curve of her spine until he was firmly gripping her lush ass cheeks, his long fingers kneading deeply into her warm flesh.

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Washington will get in big trouble, spanking lick my pussy, oh please dont" and I broke down, sobs racking my body as tears poured down my cheeks.

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I gotta get home and test these things.

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Only one small stream of cum oozing out on.

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I grab her wrist, and bring her down the hall to the room. I'm so glad you guys are going to help us out" as she gives him a big hug.

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She was squirming now, still trying to keep her body straight, but her hips were wiggling and pushing into my hand.

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Our moans became louder and she started to ride quicker. I unhooked her bra and looked directly at the creamy breasts and pale pink, very erect nipples.

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Without missing a stroke I was able to lead his cock back to her waiting cunt and as soon as he bottomed out in her I could hear them climax in unison. I could see his cock and balls pumping his cum into her womb.

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She looked me in the eyes and said I was always there for her, whatever she needed.

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She had to re-assure them all that they would all get a go.