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Posted on: 2018-02-11

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Husband get fucked, wife witnesses. Yolanda had said she seldom wore a bra and today was no exception. Jim read the box a couple guys pretended they were looking for things next to. Lean over and get another box off the bottom shelf so they can see up your skirt.

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With one hand I stroked his growing cock as I licked it. With the other hand I alternated between stroking and tugging on his big balls.

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She went on regardless, "I'm only asking as I need to know these things.

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Her hands were moving softly up and down on my sides.

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I had no idea.

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Then suddenly, she lifted herself a couple of inches and my cock slid right into her silky cunt. It seemed to have enveloped my prick. She was moving up and down my cock as if her life depended on it.

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Lief as he looked. His eyes began to role to the back of his head and I felt that familiar throb as his dick came to a boil and shot a load of jizz into my mouth and down my throat.

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While I have never had an improper relationship with a female student here, I admit to be an addicted peeping tom.

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Rachel's big tits hung out by far the biggest of the group.

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She had a paddle, brush, belt, crop and a cane.

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I tried to cry out in pain but was unable to due to the gag.

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The end of his cock sat on my tongue and he came. Squirts of hot, young cum shooting into my mouth from his lovely black cock. I could see our visitor out of the corner of my eye watching us.

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That really felt good.

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This is where the real skill comes in to play. All of a sudden you're forced to give it your full focus. Think of the clit as a tumor in a pile of earlobes.

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Moe's cock, pointing her ravished ass out toward us. Abby's butthole, which was now loosened up a bit.

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He made me put my face in my pillow, in my own cum, and held it. Then he spanked my bare bottom until we were both hard.