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Posted on: 2018-05-20

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Sexy ass in leggins with thong. I was so fucking horny that this stranger degrades me in this way. I lock the door and turn to make the other cock cum.

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That and the fact that she loves watching two men have sex.

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She described how she played with couples that were the age of her parents at the parties and enjoyed bareback sex with three or four men at each party. It was that couple who hosted swinger parties where she went to play. After several months of cream pie-producing sex with older men at the parties, she realized she was pregnant and was estatic she was knocked up.

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Even though she was drenched, taking the whole thing inside her cunt was difficult.

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I open wide and it goes in. Its your dildo but no ordinary dildo, its a special purchase you wanted to surprise me. A strapon you teased me about saying maybe you would, maybe you wouldnt.

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The night had obviously changed her, and it had changed our sex lives for the better.

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We have just seen lots of video clips with you. All our friends keep them on their phones and computers to watch.

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Trying not to look at my still erect prick with cum all over it she handed me the wash cloth.

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I went into the rest room, took off my panties, put on a fresh sexy pair and freshened up, putting on a little makeup and letting my hair down and brushing it. I felt silly as I still looked like I had worked in a machine shop all day.