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Long leged wife

Posted on: 2017-12-01

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Have you ever, ever, ever in your short-legged life seen a short-legged sailor with a short-legged wife? Her eyes opened and she looked at me, then she closed them and she kissed me. Her mouth opened and her tongue.

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My hubby had been bragging about how many women he fucked in a single day before we were married. I said whatever he could do, I could do better. But unlike his unsubstantiated boast, I promised proof.

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I didn't know which one would be better. She continued to inch them off revealing more of her well-manicured bush. Soon I could see the lips of her pussy.

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She stopped sucking for about a second at the surprise of the two entering the room to which she was shouted at and ordered to keep the dick in her mouth. Vanessa hadn't realised the other two crew members had gotten undressed, and now stood either side of her with erect dicks, their helmets visible waiting to be rubbed into her mouth and pleased. Her hands instinctively rise up and take a grip of the shafts of the two men.

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I went over to the bench and sat. As I sat there I looked over at the door and realized it was unlocked.

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To celebrate I took her out for lunch to a upscale restaurant, with two other line managers.

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Cindy's mom could have found out about us.

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Amber was in long leged wife lust mode and more than ready to let her "freak flag fly" with this young lady, and I was just going along for the ride, long leged wife. Amber sorta paired off, and following a quite exchange between the two, he gave her a very knowing kiss on the lips.

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Afterwards, you, return to the task of keeping her legs high in the air as the sperm race toward their destination. As insurance, her lover arouses her a long leged wife time, at first kissing her gently, then playing with her breasts and nipples until they harden into small, sensitive buttons under his fingertips. You, look down to see her clitoris obscenely swollen and hard just before he takes it between his fingers.

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She didn't touch his fly, but she didn't move away. I broke the uneasy tension by saying, "It's great to have a mom that we don't have to hide our off-color jokes from, isn't it. Neither of them moved.

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The first guy, who was the one who had shot his cum on her pussy the night before repeated his performance and getting as close as possible shot his cum right in her pussy entrance, again she stopped him putting his cock right.